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Startup Pirates is an entrepreneurial trial for aspiring entrepreneurs, creating a worldwide community of ultimate changemakers willing to share, learn and grow together.

Why join the navy... if you can be a Pirate?

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    February 4th to 11th, 2012

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    Presentations and work in English.

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Transparency is one of our main values. So, before you apply, we want to make sure that you know the good, the bad, and the ugly. To successfully launch a company is one of the most difficult things one can do. It’s demanding, stressful, difficult and most of the times you’ll feel distressed. There is a probability that in the end of the program you’ll realize that you’re not made from entrepreneur material and you will see this only as an educational experience. But the statistics tell us that 97% of our brave pirates realize they want to spend their life building cool stuff to solve meaningful problems.


You already know the 10 reasons why you should join us.

Now, we leave you the challenges you face at Startup Pirates:


Speed   stamina   focus
Everything happens really fast. You’ll have two days to meet everyone, understand how everyone works and then, pitch your idea, select the best ideas and build teams. During the next days, it’s work work work until the final day where you will pitch to investors and successful business leaders.   This will be one of the most demandings weeks of your life. Sincerely. You will be expected to pitch dozens of times, fight for mentors' attention and build relationships with them. You will constantly need to develop your product and incorporate feedback with limited resources. 15 hour work days are common.   Lots of things are going to happen during the week and you’ll receive lots of feedback and ideas. Sometimes you will feel lost because you don’t know where to go. We’ll help you keep the focus on the big picture and define a vision, but of course it’s up to you to stay focused.
networking   team   sharing
You might come with an idea, maybe you will work on it, maybe you won’t. You’ll need to find support for your idea and a team to work with as in a marketplace, where ideas will be picked and teams will be created. Feedback is not always what you want. Well, how to get over it?   Bring your, join one, form one. It doesn’t matter. You can also work alone if you want, however it is not very recommended because we don’t believe that’s possible to work and develop an idea all alone.   This week is absolutely about sharing. You need to get feedback on your idea. Protect it, but don’t hide it. Always remember: success is on the work you do, not in the idea by itself.



In the end of the week you’ll have to pitch to a panel of judges. Here’s what is expected from you then:


problem Clear definition of the Problem: the relevance, market size and the impact of solving the problem. execution Solution/Product Execution: You have to work on your solution making sure that you deliver the value proposition. Building a Minimum Viable Product is the ideal scenario, but we understand that it depends on the idea. business model Business Model Validation: have a clear value proposition. Validation from real potential customers and partners are a BIG plus. You will think about several ways on how to make money and how to test the idea.
team Team: You have to make sure that you have a skilled team to build your solution. If not, you need to be aware of what’s missing and have a plan to suppress flaws. next steps Identification of the next steps: a clear understanding of what would be the next steps and how to perform them.    


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